• I'm Seeking a: Man
  • My Age: 28
  • I'm From:
  • Living In:
  • Body: Average
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • About Me:

    I am in a relationship right now but my sex life is crap at the moment. So I am looking for a man who is pretty, sexy, std free, able to meet up once a week, lives in my state and can be very discreet.
    Now be warned because I will only play this game by my own rules.
    And men who can't find themselves in those rules please remove yourself from my profile cause we don't have anything to talk about.
    I think (hope) that we are all adults here, so that should make it easy; cause when you don't agree with what I wrote you just hit the back button and be gone.
    Don't be starting a childish fight please that is so immature.
    Its like when you turn some men down. At first they were attracted, but as soon as I turn you down I suddenly am a bitch, ugly and fat and all that?
    Please, learn how to handle reject and don't be immature!

    Will be posting more of my sexy new bikini soon…