• I'm Seeking a: Man
  • My Age: 28
  • I'm From:
  • Living In:
  • Body: Slim
  • Ethnicity: Latino
  • About Me:

    Booty, YARRR 😉

    Seeking Captain Asspirate ;-))

    Yes thats right I frigging love anal sex ;-))

    To bad my husband doesnt… even more so; he despises it! It disgusts him!!
    I didnt have problems with it before but no it's starting to annoy me.. Sometimes when my hubby is fucking me I start playing with my tail, put my finger in my tight little butthole..
    But that just doenst do it for him..

    Thus purchasing man with his own place, who's hot, can be different, isnt to big in his pants and would love to meet up with me..

    Message me here plz