• I'm Seeking a: Man
  • My Age: 25
  • I'm From:
  • Living In:
  • Body: Busty
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • About Me:

    Well first off I aint NO BIMBO and i aint no AIRHEAD neither!
    Men always look at the appearance and immdediately assume I'm one of both..
    I aint so dont treat me like one. Otherwise you could just get the fuck out for all I care.

    My hobbies are basically anything sport related. I am a true sportsfreak. Have been very sporty since I was a young girl (25 now).
    But if you are not into sports that wont really matter to me, its not a must or anytyhing!

    What's defeinitely a must though is that you are in healthy good shape. not talking about bodybuilder type but no big belly and nice strong arms really are a must.

    Give me a shout if you fit the profile.

    Kiss Kiss Audrey