• I'm Seeking a: Man
  • My Age: 23
  • I'm From:
  • Living In:
  • Body: Voluptuous
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • About Me:

    Feeling naughty at work today.. Must be the weather or something LOL
    Quickly went in the toilet, poulled my panties down and helped myself… made a pic to prove it >;-)

    but fucking done with masturbation.. need a big peace of meat!!

    WHAT I WANT???
    Well i want a real dirty man who want to get his hands dirty.. And more >:-))
    a man that would love to give these aking butt cheecks a good whippin..
    A man who can dominate but at the same time will do whatever I want you to do.. Believe me you will like my little assignments lolol.
    I love taking pics, posing sexily for pics and taking them while having sex too. For later use lolol
    I do have a clit piercing which I have been told is pretty enjoyable on the other end too. You cant see it on this pic.. But i have another one from the front.

    If i like you ill share it with you..